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Batchmove a calculated field -or new field value

Using Batchmove I want to be able to set a value for a field (a date field)
when I append some record... and so far I've had no luck.
To explain:
Table1 has two fields: CustNo(str) and Day(str). I want to archive these
records to Table2, which has three fields: Date(date), CustNo(str) and
The date value for Table2 is based on a edit component that I have on a
Form...I pick a date (the first Monday of a week), and from there work out
what actual Dates the Days represent for any given week....

I have tried to add a calculated field to the query's field list... which i
now know does not work (the query is not updatable).  I tried adding the
Date field to Table1, then calculating a value for that field when I exec
the Query, but I couldn't get that towork either. I also tried some things
with Table2 and nothing happened.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Re:Batchmove a calculated field -or new field value

You cannot do that with TBatchMove. You can either write code to do it or
use a TQuery and a SQL INSERT statement.

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