D1 Language Reference Guide

I don't remember the language changing too awfully much between D1 and D2.
If you have a D2 language guide, most of it is still valid. Strings are
handled differently in D3 (and probably in D2, though I don't have a guide
handy). The 255 character length restriction is gone, which also means you
have to sometimes pass strings as PChars to external routines so that the
receiving end can determine true length.

The language guide mostly covers Pascal syntax. If you're comfortable with
that, you won't be hurt too badly without the guide.

Louis Rizzuto wrote in message <3437164F.6...@mhv.net>...
>Hello.  Just staring to dabble with D1.  How important is the D1
>Language Ref. Guide?  How much does it cost from Borland?  Are there any
>other sources for it?

>Does Borland sell the physical manuals for D1 that comes with the D2
>CDROM?  Thanks.

>Regards, -= Lou Rizzuto =-