Problem(s) with Style and Autosize on D3 Toolbar control? (was: Toolbar)

Hello. Please excuse a couple of newbie questions regarding the Delphi 3
Toolbar control. Doubtless I am doing something wrong, but I have one or
two minor niggles with it which I was hoping some sage and wise Delphi
user could provide some assistance with :)

1. Style on Toolbuttons

I have a TToolButton with the style set to tbsDropDown. I've associated
a dropdown menu with it, and that seems to work nicely. The problem is,
the downward pointing arrow (Delphi Help: "The button displays a
downward-pointing arrow (suitable for accessing a drop-down menu)" is
strangely absent at run time. It's present with no-worries at design
time, but the moment I run the app... it's gone.

2. Toolbar autosize

Setting the toolbar to autosize appears not to take into account the
'gap' around buttons. My buttons are the default/standard 24 in height,
and the toolbar is automatically sized at 26. This would seem
reasonable, allowing a gap of 1 pixel at the top and bottom.

Not so. The button is automatically placed at 2, and cannot be reduced.
The upshot of that is, I have a two pixel 'gap' at the top of the
toolbar, and no gap at the bottom. This makes the toolbar look a tad
untidy, to say the least.

I guess I could easily work around that with code but surely I must be
doing something wrong?

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

P.S. If it is relevant, I'm using Windows 95 OSR2, Delphi 3.02 and

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