ExecWinWithSwap and Windows 3.11

ExecWinWithSwap is a wonderful routine that allows any program to be
called from Turbo Pascal, keeping the screen output from the child process
in a box, and freeing up all but a few k of memory.  It was written as a
sort of bonus unit by the Turbo Pascal people back in 1990, and floats
around the FTP world as EXECWS.ZIP.

It works fine, except when the pascal program is being run as a DOS
program under Windows, when the whole machine curls up and dies during the
the transfer from the main program to the child process.

I realise that ExecWinWithSwap is doing some rather sneaky things to DOS,
so it's not altogether surprising that it doesn't quite work with
Windows.  Has anyone else experienced this.  And better still, has anyone
got a fix for it??



Chris Dennis                                    cden...@actrix.gen.nz
Wellington, New Zealand