win-clients with bde and database stored on samba-server


we have a database-application called Selectsoft with the database
stored on a Novell-Server. It is not a client-server-database, the
database is used by Windows-Clients and BDE ist installed on each
client to share the files. Now we plan to install a Linux-Samba-
Server to replace the many years old Novell-Server.

But now I have been told that it would be possible to run into
trouble using BDE to access files stored on a Samba-Server because of
the used smb-protocol. I was told there could be performance-problems
that can lead to often database reorganisation and IPX/SPX would
perform beter.

I think nobody knows Selectsoft. So my question is: Does anyone have
experience with a database stored on a Samba-Server, that is used by
Windows clients with BDE installed on them?

Best regards

Norbert Aldinger

Quintest Elektronik GmbH
Norbert Aldinger