BDE Error $2C09 when starting second program?

Robert C. Johnson wrote:

> I am trying to run the same program twice at the same time (or two
> different programs which hit the same databases).  This works fine on two
> systems I have tried it on which have Delphi loaded.  It fails on a system
> with only the redistributable BDE on it with a BDE error of $2C09.  I have
> looked at the BDE config and could not find anything different. . .Any
> ideas?

> Thanks,
> Robert

Check out c:\delphi\doc\     { delphi 1.0 }
          c:\delphi\doc\         { delphi 2.0 }

major code 2C specifies a network error
minor code 09 specifies that SHARE is not loaded

hope this will help !