converting currency string back to float?

I have a float variable X, that I convert to a currency string using
StrToFloatF for display purposes and stash in a TEdit component, text
property. So far, so good. However, if I modify that value using the
edit control, I need to get the new value back out into my variable X,
preferably on the TEdits OnExit event. However, StrToFloat {*word*88}s with
a conversion exception if I don't erase all the '$'s and ','s while
editing in the TEdit.

Is there an EASY way to convert the currency string back to a floating
point value, or an easier way in general to do this?

For now, I'm writing a simple CurrencystringToFloat function that strips
all characters that don't fall into '0-9','+','-','.' and then using
StrToFloat on the resulting string.


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