Switching MDI children with Delphi app flashes

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I noticed that in applications written with Delphi, there's a lot of
flashing when switching child windows when the active child is maximized.

If you choose a child from the Window menu, the active child restores to
normal window state, and the one that will be activated get's maximized.

Now, in the Win API help file I read this is default behaviour of MDI
applications. But in other apps (apps that weren't written with Delphi), I
never see this happen.

And try this with a Delphi app: previous or next child (CTRL-F6) is very
smooth. Why isn't this smooth when choosing a child from the Window menu
when I programmatically do a BringToFront? Is it possible to have a smooth
MDI child switching? When Previous or Next can be smooth, there must be a
way to have smooth switching when you use BringToFront or the Window menu.

I tried LockWindowUpdate for the frame form handle and clienthandle, to
hide the flashing, but that would introduce another problem: the whole
Windows desktop flickers if I use LockWindowUpdate for the frameform in my
Delphi app.

I HATE this. Has any one a TIP, please?

Please reply to 0meur...@lelystad.flnet.nl, as my newsserver is down and I
asked a friend to post this. Thanks.

     Rogier Meurs  -  0meur...@lelystad.flnet.nl

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