Linking tables over Local Area Network

I have a program that stores its records in an Access Database. The Program
is running on all the computers withing a network with each one having its
our Database to store the records. What I need is for the databases to all
be in sync with eachother. (I was doing this by FTPing to a server and
sending the data back to the users as they check in. (This however should
not be necessary within the LAN and should only be used when data has to be
moved to a diferent loacation (There are 10 locations using my software))).

Right know the 'main' data file on each computer is not how Delphi is
accessing the tables. I have a second Access file with linked tables and I
thought that there should be a way to use 'linked tables' to link to another
machine with the 'master database' on it.

How can I get all the Databases at one location to link to a 'server'
machine with the main database?
1)  I don't know the IP of these machines.
2)  I am going to have to do these changes on the fly (With an Update)
3)  How do I set one machine as the master/server?
4)  Does anyone know how the set the folder that the database is in as a
shared folder (Using code)?