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Linking to a MS SQL Server 2000


My company is running an application which uses BDE to access the table it
needs to run.  The program determines which database it will use from its
selection menu by looking at the Database Alias defined in the BDE.  My
problem is defining the BDE Alias to properly see the database on the NT
Server.  The version of BDE I am using is 5.01. Here is the information:

  NT 2000 w/25 users
  MS SQL 2000 w/25 users
  Domain Name: Domain3
  Computer Name: Account1
  SQL Server Name: Accounting
  Services: SQL Server
  It says at the bottom of the SQL Server Service Manager: "Running -
  Database Name: MasterAcct_Data.mdb
  Physical Location: G:\MSSQL\DATA
  Database Onwer: Domain3\Administrator
  SQL Uses Windows Administrative Logon Security (No Login or Password
assigned to SQL)

I have tried defining the SERVER NAME as ACCOUNTING and even
I have define my database name as: G:\MSSQL\DATA\MasterAcct_Data.mdb
I have even granted full shared access to the G:\MSSQL\DATA folder.

When I attempt to log in one of four things occurs:
  1) I get a "SQL GENERAL ERROR".  That is it.  No more in the detail area.
  2) Something about no SQL CONNECTION  DEFINED.
  3) Incorrect User Id and/or Password.
  4) Or the hour glass will keep spinning (Up to 20 minutes before I closed
out the BDE).

I have even tried using the SA user id to try and open up NORTHWIND
database.  I still get the same result.  I see all of the databases and its
associated tables in the MS SQL ENTERPRISE MANAGER.

I did not get much help from the Microsoft side of this equation.  In fact,
it was mention that it is not a Microsoft issue but the other guys issue and
for me to contact them.

I figure if I can get the BDE to recognized the database and its tables then
the program my company bought (through the BDE) will also recognized the
tables and least that is my thinking :-0

Thank you,
John A


Re:Linking to a MS SQL Server 2000

SQL Server 2000 introduces "server instances", that is different instances
of the database engine running on the same machine. Previously, only one
instance of the database server was allowed on a machine, and the instance
name was the machine name.
Now, when installing SQL Server 2000, an instance name may be specified.

Different instances have different names, of course. The name you need to
specify in the BDE alias configuration should be then name of the instance.
It should be ACCOUNTING, in this case. You see the instance name in
Enterprise Manager, anyway.

The database name *is not* the path to the database, but the name showed in
enterprise manager. This is the name given when creating the database, and
may be different from the filename(s) used by the  database. If you do not
specify a filename when creating a database, SQL server uses the database
name with an .mdb extension. When specifying a database, use its name, not
the filename. So if you wish to open Northwind, you specify "Northwind", not
"Northwind.mdb" or "C:\MSSQL\Data\Northwind.mdb". A database is identified
by its name and the server, or better, server instance, which it is running

There is no need to give access to the database folder, it is very dangerous
to do so. The database server and the client talk each other via a network
protocol like TCP/IP or named pipes, the client never access the server file
system, only the server access data and pass them to the client. This is a
database server, not Access.

Hope I was useful.

    Luigi Sandon

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