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App won't work on Windows NT4

I have user who has a clean installation of Windows NT 4.0 and claims my
application is causing his server to crash. My Delphi 4.0 application uses
BDE 5.0 and is installed using Installshield. It all works fine on Windows
95 and 98. Once the application is installed on his server, it works fine in
that session. When he shuts down the server and reboots, the system crashes
just after he logs on(with a 'Fatal Error' blue screen dump).
Does anyone know what could be causing this? My application only writes
basic information, such as screen positions, to the registry and I suspect
the problem is with the BDE installation but don't know where to start
looking for the solution.
I have checked out the Microsoft KB and it points the finger at a third
party product. As mine is the only third party product installed, I must now
find the answer.

Many thanks, Bill

P.S. Sorry to re-post this question, but I think my subject title put
everyone off from reading my post.


Re:App won't work on Windows NT4

The first thing that I would try would be to pull out all registry stuff.
Try saving to a db file as a temporary measure.  If that cures the problem,
then you know that the registry posting routines are the problem.

Bill Zawadeckyj <> wrote in message


Re:App won't work on Windows NT4

All my registry postings are handled by RX components. Could it be them?

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