Q: I miss the first letter

Help me please! (Borland Delphi)

I don't know why. 'Caption:=' after 'GetPrivateProfileString'
omits the first letter.

    procedure TmdiMain.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
        szCaption: string[64];
        ofstr: TOfStruct;
----->      GetPrivateProfileString('Configuration', 'Book Store',
        '', @szCaption, 64, 'c:\books\books.ini');
----->      Caption := szCaption;

'c:\books\books.ini' is as follows:

    Book Store=ABC Bookstore

But I only see 'BC Bookstore' on the caption bar. Where is 'A'?
But when I use functions using @szCaption I get 'A' again.
For example:

    GetPrivateProfileString('Configuration', 'Book Store',
        '', @szCaption, 64, 'c:\books\books.ini');
    Application.MessageBox(@szCaption, 'message box', mb_ok);

gives me the full message:  ABC Bookstore

What should I do?
Thanks in advance.

Chirok Han from Seoul