TListView, TQuickReports Errors in D4

I am coming up with two separate errors in Delphi 4 that don't appear to
have been discussed in this newsgroup yet.  Hopefully someone can help me

1.  I have a TListView component with checkboxes enabled.  I
programmatically set the checkboxes active or unactive and find at run-time
that even if I have several items in the listview (report style) that are
all set to be checked, only the first item is actually checked.  Reading
back the Checked property off each item confirms this.

2.  I have a form being used as a QuickReports form which has several bands
on it.  Upon preview of this form, only the top and bottom bands are
visible - I have checked that all the bands are enabled and visible.  This
form was directly ported from D3 without change where it worked properly in
D3.  It might be important to note that there is a QuickReports version of
a TChart on this form as well.

I'm looking forward to the D4 patch, as I would rather not have to modify
the VCL source for this.  I had some trouble with real numbers being saved
and read from a file via TFileStream but the online help suggested a new
compiler directive, {$REALCOMPATIBILITY ON} which worked well.  Thanks in
advance for help on these problems!