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Cached Updates / Cache Full Error?

Does anyone know how to set the BDE to handle a larger number of
record updates or inserts.
We have an application where a user entered in several pages of new
records, when an error message with some wording indicating the "Cache
was Full" was displayed.  All the data was lost.  Perhaps
there's a way to trap this error and
still apply the updates?  Any help would be appreciated.

Ted Vernes
Shasta County Information Systems


Re:Cached Updates / Cache Full Error?

Perhaps you could try changing MAXBUFSIZE or SHAREDMEMSIZE at BDE Admin, but
I'm not sure of this.

Why don't you try with TClientDataSets substituting cached updates? Since
I've tested this feature (thanks to I'm a true converted and I'm
spreading the gospell "urbi et orbe" :) All my previous headaches with
master/detail relationships and cached updates bugs has gone away.
(BTW, this is not Midas, and you won't need a Midas license to use a
clientdataset with a local provider).

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