Execute a procedure AFTER OnResize event ! Zoom bitmaps is DONE !

Well, this is a problem : I want to execute a procedure ( or to send a
message to my form ) AFTER the ONRESIZE event procedure .

I have managed to zoom an image in a form. The tip was to get a canvas
from the scrollbox in form  and draw in the canvas the image i already
have in memory using a changed Tbitmap.Draw procedure . All these are
done in a procedure called MyPaint. This works fine except two cases :

1. After resizing the form, Delphi redraws all the components  in it.
Thats the problem! It redraws the client area of the scrollbox, too. Of
course, the client area is empty. I tried to call Mypaint procedure
using the Onresize event. But this event is executed BEFORE the rest of
the things that Delphi does when resizing of form occurs. This has as
result :
  a.  Drawing the image in to canvas . (nice)
  b. Clearing the contents of ScrollBox ( and canvas, too) and redraw
all components. (shit!)

I connected the OnPaint event to MyPaint and in Onresize event i send a
WM_PAINT message to Form. Nothing again.

And the question is : How the heck i can tell delphi to execute a
procedure AFTER a window has been resized and all redrawings of the
components inside window have been made ?

Thanks in advance,

Lazikas o Pontios.

P.S Pls, e-mail me, too.