:Pls Help -ChartFx Woes - D1/D2

I've been trying to maintain an application that is compatible
between Delphi 1 & 2, that uses some simple line graphs - at most
3 variables, fixed scale, fixed data-set size, no user choices, etc.

I've tried to use ChartFx, but it is a lot of overkill (too many
options to learn). & It very incompatible between D1 & D2.

Things like: the OpenData call, the Form data & arguments, colors, etc.

I'm almost ready to write what I need with a image & some moveto &
lineto's, but I don't want to put a lot of work into it, esp the
labeling of the chart. Anyone know of options like a shareware
graphics package that's simple, free & compatible? TIA.

Send email response please.