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Has anyone seen this ADO bug?

Hi all,
I've used a "while not eof" loop many times to loop through a table (both
Paradox and Access). This particular table doesn't have a primary key but
that has never caused me a problem before. However, I've come across a bug
that returns an exception: "Insufficient or Incorrect key column
information, too many rows affected by update" when I try this loop on this
particular table and edit/post each record (the error is caused by the
post). If I add an auto-increment field to the table, the loop works. Note
that it still doesn't have a primary key just a unique record.

Has anyone seen this before? A unique record shouldn't be needed for a
simple loop through the table.


Re:Has anyone seen this ADO bug?


This is not a bug this is just the way ADO works (ADO with paradox is not
recommanded anyway)

if you will read a littele about ADO you will find that a very basic rule is
to define
a primary key for each table
I belive this "Rule" is not more then a good design and programing habit


        David  B.E

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