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MM>Does anybody know of any good libraries to shell out to DOS.  I need
MM>to call another program or COMMAND.COM and get the most possible

I use this:

Copyright (c) 1988 TurboPower Software
May be used freely as long as due credit is given

Version 1.1 - 3/15/89
  save and restore EMS page map
Version 1.2 - 3/29/89
  add more compiler directives (far calls off, boolean short-circuiting)
  add UseEmsIfAvailable to disable EMS usage when desired
Version 1.3 - 5/02/89
  fix problem with exit chain when InitExecSwap/ShutdownExecSwap called
    more than once in a program
  flush swap file before execing



UNIT ExecSwap;
  {-Memory-efficient DOS EXEC call}

  Hope this helps.
  Rgds, Igor

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