Banyan Vines (Invalid File Name')


I have a problem that is rather urgent. I am developing an application that
uses the Paradox tables format, and is multi-User. The application knows
where to look for the tables based on an entry in the registry. 'TablePath'
= Drive letter and complete path to table location.

I am using Windows 2000, and have connected to the tables on a computer
running Windows 98, So far everything works fine. My problem is the company
that I am developping the application for uses Banyan Vines as their server.
Again this is not a problem except that some of the table names have spaces
'Audit Subgroups.DB' for example. As soon as I attempt to open a table like
this I receive an error 'Invalid File Name'. I thought that it was a problem
with Banyan, except Database Base Desktop has no trouble opening the table.

Some people have told me that it's a problem with Banyan Vines, I do not
think so because I'm able to open documents with long file names, and as I
pointed out earlier the DBD has no problem opening the tables.

I have tried everyting I could think of, and would appreciate a response a
quickly as possible.

Thank You

Peter Robinson.