array data from/to excel to/from delphi dll

// the 1 line below is the excel registration
// =REGISTER("test.dll","Delphitest1","2EO","test1","factor,matrix",1,"Delphi")

procedure delphitest1(var a:double; var M1rows,M1cols:smallint; var
M:TDoubleArray); stdcall;

    for row:=0 to M1rows-1 do
      for col:=0 to M1cols-1 do


What I'm having trouble doing is increasing the passed parameter by an
additional excel range. The call from excel for the above routine is
as follows : test1(100,A1:C5). Paste this formula into the excel
spdsht as an array and you will get back the same matrix as you passed
but numbers multiplied by 100.
I'm having the hardest time trying to pass two excel ranges and then
use those passed ranges in the delphi dll. When I inspect the values
in delphi I get incorrect values so I'm doing something wrong. Maybe
I'm scewing up the type text in the Excel defintion. For the above
routine, it's '2EO' If I add arange after the double parameter for
example, what should it be? I think I tried every possible combination
Also, if anyone know why the above parameters have to be passes by
reference I'd sure love an explanation. I can see the 'return'
parameter 'M' being this way but don't understand why the others need
to be.

I'm new to excel->dll and back so any/all explanations, code samples
would be greatly appreciated. Again, the above procedure seems to work
fine so I'd prefer staying w/ this syntax and just modify it.

TIA, kw