PLEASE HELP!!! Windows Internal Error [15]

I am very new to Delphi
I've just loaded what I presume is version 1.00 onto my computer.
The CD came with a book (Teach yourself Delphi in 21 days)
When I run the project, I keep on getting the following error:
"Windows Internal Error [15]"
The readme.txt points towards memory..
I have a P166, 32MB RAM, running Windows 95.
It also points to my display driver.
I have a Matrox Millenium display card with the latest drivers installed
I have reduced the display to 16 colours (I don't know how to load the
standard VGA driver in Windows 96, if there is one)
I've tried everything.
I can't even finish the first lesson as it crashes all the time.

Please help.