Installed Delphi 2.01 and Interbase Server, now things don't work so well

The environment is NT 4.0.

I had Delphi C/S 2.0 and the local version of Interbase installed.

I installed both 2.01 and the Interbase server (after removing the
existing GDS32.DLL per the instructions) from the the C/S 2.01
update CD.

Delphi works fine, and the server starts with no problem, but
I've found several items that don't work as well as they did.

1) The application IBMGR32.EXE does not start, complaining about
not being able to find the 'isc_format_implementation' entry point.
I realize this is a true finding by IBMGR32 (a 'Quick View' of
GDS32.DLL reveals the entry point does not exist), but then
the question becomes "How does one manage the database server?".

2) I have the application SQLPERMS that worked before the
installation. When running, it offered to 'Open Database'
by listing the available aliases. Now it suggests it can not
find the alias list. I've checked to insure that the registry
points to where the IDAPI32.CFG file actually lives, and
the Database Desktop can find it without problems, so any
suggestions would be helpful.

3) How does one set up an alias for the server if the server
is local? I setup an alias that simply gave the database name,
as was able to attach the Database Desktop applicaiton thru
the alias. This is a good thing. However, when I checked the
properties of the Interbase server, I see the number of
attachments and number of databases are zero, which suggest
I have gotten the connectivity via some other means than
the server. The "worry point" here is that if I have a local
application accessing the database thru what ever means it
is using, and a remote application accessing the database
via the server, then security, record locking, etc. will
not be handled correctly.

4) What problems will I encounter if I use the "local"
database driver on the local and remote machine and simply
use file sharing to make the database accessable to the
remote machine?

Thanks for any insight to these issues,