TClientSocket and zero-length SendText strings

Fellow Colleagues....
When using the new 3.01 TClientSocket component, and its
SendText method for sending a string, the component throws
and exception if the string is a null-string (zero-length).

I claim that this a bug.  Zero-length TCP/IP packets are well-defined
as far as their data component is concerned.

I would -expect- that doing a SendText should be valid, and that the
receiver should get its data-arrival event fired, and that assigning
the ReceiveText result to a string should duplicate the zero-length

Instead, I can't do a zero-length SendText at all.  What this means is
that I must test the string for Length=Zero and skip the SendText or
append a dummy carriage return/blank or something else that the
Receiver knows it should strip to discover the "real data".

This question may be somewhat philosophical, but I am interested
in your views.  I consider a zero-length string a well defined
"prompt" for the "other end" to know that the sender is alive and well
and just may be soliciting input.

Any takers?

Regards, John