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Problem installing Indy 9.0 to D6

I have D5 Ent and D6 Pro both installed. Indy 8 is installed in D5 Ent,
and of course Indy 8 comes with D6.

I downloaded and ran:


The install ran without error, but when I opened D6, all the components
were Indy 8. So I removed Internet Direct from Delphi, then tried to
load dclIndy6.0.bpl and I get the error:

Can't load package c:\Indy\D6\dclIndy60.bpl. A device attached to the
system is not functioning.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing. When I tried removing Indy from
D6, then running the Indy 9.0 install, that worked and when I tried to
open D6, I got the same "device" error as before. I installed it on two
different disk partitions, so it's not hardware.





Re:Problem installing Indy 9.0 to D6

1. Have you removed Indy 8 from D6 before you installed Indy 9 with the
Borland Install routine?

2. Are you sure that there aren't any IndyXXX.bpl files in your
windows-system(32) directory any more???

3. Try to compile the source yourself


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