Delphi and MS Small Business Server

Hi All,

I'm in the process of formalizing plans to install a LAN in my new
business and am attempting to determine the most cost effective
hardware/software solution. My primary interests are to allow multiple
concurrent internet connections to all clients and to maintain a server
resident database against which it is my intent to develop and deploy a
Delphi client front end.

Although I have a fair amount of comfort in the stand alone world, my
networking knowledge is sketchy at best. As a result of my research, I
have stumbled across MS Small Business Server as a possible solution

1) It includes, among other elements, NT 4.0 Server, Proxy Server and MS
SQL 6.5 server to address the aforementioned requirements.

2) Additonally, it includes Exchange Server which will allow for
company-wide, local e-mail handling which, although not an original
requirement of mine, seems like a good thing to have, and

3) It only costs about a grand more than NT 4.0 alone.

The bad news is that all of these components are "optimized" (re:
decontented) for SBS and as such each has limitations over the full
blown versions. I'm prepared to accept that since, even in their limited
configuration, their capabilities are more than enough for my business.

Here are the questions:

1) Does anyone out there have experience with the MS-SQL included in
Small Business Server and, if so, how is it likely to impact my Delphi
front end development?

2) I have discovered that the MS-SQL SBS version does not include a
client piece although the client side of the other applications is
there. Does a connection to an MS-SQL datasource require such an animal(
a review of other postings here suggests it does) and if so, is that
true for both native driver and ODBC connectivity?

3) Finally, and please excuse my ignorance, can I develop the Delphi app
in my existing Delphi 2 professional and connect with ODBC without
upgrading to C/S?

Actually, there is one last question. Am I to understand that D4 C/S
includes a remote server version of Interbase w/ 5 user license? I ask
the question because, if this is the case, I may just opt for a plain
vanilla NT 4.0 network solution, handle the internet issue through a
router and develop my app against an Interbase database server since I
've had some experience using the local IB sever included in my copy of
D2. And to hell with mail service.:)

Thanks in advance. This is a relatively pressing issue so the quicker I
can get this resolved, the better.( I know I'm asking a lot)

Richard McAuliffe