Connecting P-Oracle7 for win95 from BDE-16 BIT

credence wrote:

>  I have delphi 1 client server (BDE(16 bit) - WITH SQLLINK-16)
> installed on a windows 95 pc
> also I have installed Personal Oracle 7.2/win95 (PO7) on same pc
> When I Try Connecting from Delphi-1
> - it gives following error message

> Network type Unknown. ORA-03121: No interface driver connected -
> function not performed. Alias: Temp_ORA

> is it because vendor init dll (ORA7WIN.DLL)
> which comes with PO7 Does not work with BDE-16

> manoj
> credence
> e-mail :

I've never tried 16bit connections, but I do know that the database
alias you use is 2: to connect to personal oracle.

Make sure that \orawin95\bin is in your path statement.  This is so
the bde can find the database drive.

Next see what dll is in the \orawin95\bin.  It will probably be

Next go to your bde adminstrator, and make sure that the driver setup
for oracle is using the ora73.dll

Next create an alias and use 2: as the database name.

I'm using personal oracle and workgroup oracle, and connecting is pretty
simple, as long as your not having a 16bit 32bit problem.

Hope this helps

Randy Rich
TradeWinds Software Corporation
Certified Oracle DBA/Developer