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Please Please help me

Hi evry one

please I need your help with a little problem
it's a mouse problem , I'm writing a program a large one and
i need to make the mouse move like this :
when a move the mouse to the right it moves to the left
and when i move it to the left it will move to the right
up and down will stay the same .that's meen only the left and the right
moves will change , the right will be the left and the left will be
the right (will move to the opposite direction)
I'm writing the program with BP7 (Tvision) so I need PLEASE
any thing to solve this problem . a module , a function ..... any thing
but it will be better if it's a TSR to be loaded and unloadet

please please i need it very ergent

Thank's for reading this , and thank's if you help me
 Rabih Naccache alias


Re:Please Please help me

Doing that is pretty tricky.  I have two guesses as to how to do this.  
Set the left and right mouse sensitivities to negative.  That might work.
If not, you'll have to trap the mouse interrupt.  Ah=12, Int 033h?  Read
the mouse movement for u/d/l/r (CX/DX?) and calculate the changes
necessary.  Update your variables of where the mouse is on the screen,
and call a move mouse routine (I can't remember the call#).  I don't have
any of the techinical data until Thanksgiving on doing these things but  
you should have it somewhere if you are attempting something like this.  
To make it TSR, the simple way is to Exec('COMMAND.COM','');
{$M$4000,0,0} to exit, and after that the user types EXIT to comeback and
you do cleanup to go back to normal then exit for real.  Unfortunately,
everytime someone calls a Resetmouse (ah=0) proc, I think it erases the
pointer to your routine.  You could make it so no one could call either
ah=0 or ah=12 (user defined mouse interrupt)  by physically trapping Int
033h.  If your lost or don't know assembly (because that's what you need
to use), send me the mouse specs and I'll try to whip up some code for
you.  I only have TP6.0 but it should work in BP7.0.

Hope it helps.

Tim Ogle

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