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I'm developing a Restaurant's Reservations Program..
I need to create a form where I can place Image like tables & chairs
(pictures) that cold respond to a mouse click.

The Idea is that the user could place as many tables and chairs on the
form, assign a number to each table, if the table have been reserved the
image change to another color, if the user need to see who that table is
reserved for he/she click the table image and the reservation
information is display on a side of the form.

Before I started progamming with Delphi I used Visual Dbase, in one of
the sample application that comes with VDB there is one that used a form
with a map of Europe whe you click on a country of the map it would
display some information about the country that was clicked. In the
information of how the developer of that sample had accomplished that it
said that he have used a image map program like those used for mapping a
image to be use on a web page.

I would like to know if that is posible using Delphi2 or Delphi3

Any help, sorce sample, ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Charles Urbina



It's not a big programming problem. You need to define the
co-ordinates of the graphic so that when the user clicks you
can jump to the relevant field(s) for the layout.

But of course a map of Europe changes a lot less frequently
than the table layout in a restaurant <g>

Nick Spurrier (MoDESoft, UK)

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