ODBC to Informix: 500K per row!

ke...@kcbbs.gen.nz (Kerry Sainsbury) wrote:
>I'm connecting a table with 95 columns to some TDBEdits and a TDBNavigator.
>Each time I fetch a new row (via the "Next" button on the navigator)
>something is chewing through 500K of memory.
>500K (yes - half a meg) per row. Display 8 rows - lose 4 megs!
>Is anybody else having this un-holy experience?
>(I don't get it when connecting to local Interbase via ODBC)
>Is ANYBODY connecting to Informix via Delphi Client/Server?
>Please talk to me if you are...

I am using Informix Online 5.02 and Informix SE 6/Windows
with Deplhi and the Informix CLI/ODBC driver and Delphi
Client/Server as part of an evaluation of Delphi.

I have just made a form with some Dbedits and a Dbnavigator
on a table with 2000 rows of 2000 bytes.

Each row consumes only about the amount of memory corresponding
to de data I show on the form (I checked only with Program
manager|?|Info) .

There are only 20 fields in the table though, not 95, and I just
painted two Dbedits.

I use Delphi C/S 1.02, I got the upgrade CD two days ago.

I hope this information is of some use to you.


Danny Heijl.
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