DWinSock 2.5 / TBasicServer with Delphi 2.0

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> I had a working client/server application using the 2.0 version of
> dWinsock (with TServerSocket/TClientSocket) but have been unable to
> get this software working with the new TBasicServer/Client sockets.

> I suspect it is some simple mistake on my part, but if anyone has a
> simple working client/server example with 2.5 using TBasic components,
> I would much appreciate it if you could email it to me.  I have wasted
> about a week trying to make my software work on its own.

> If there is a more appropriate place to post this note, or if someone
> can direct me to a mailing list on this subject, I would be most
> appreciative.


It is strange that you are having this problem - the only real change was
the name of the components.

However, there is a support mailing list. Send mail to lists...@aait.com
with the body "join dwinsock-sup".

What exactly is the problem? Is it not accepting connections?


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