Problems with TDBImage, MS Access 97 and NT Service Pack 4

It seems to me that TDBImage doesn't work anymore when
NT Service PAck 4 is installed. With NT Service Pack 3
everything worked OK.

I have made a small project with a TDataSource, a TTable
and a TDBImage. The TDataSource is connected to the TTable,
The TTable is connected to a table of an MS Access 97 database.
The TDBImage is connected with the TDataSource.

The problem now is that when I set the DataField property
of the TDBImage to a field in which a bitmap is stored I get
an 'external exception EEFFACE' error. In Access the bitmap is
of the type OLE Object. Again under NT Service Pack 3 everything
worked OK.

Does anybody know this problem ?


Erik Hermans.

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