OLE automation in WOrd 97 but can't access MSO97.dll objects

>I have a Delphi application doing a lot communicating with Word 97 via OLE
>using the 'Word.Application' object.

>This all works fine , BUT ....

>Problem :

>I want to access ALL of the properties assigned to an office type document,
>ie AUTHOR, SUMMARY and that kind of stuff.

>If I write VBA code to access the following object I can access any of
>properties no prob -

>    Obj. descp eg.   :

>The problem is that Delphi won't access the Builtindocumentproperties
>which is a Documentproperties object because it is not defined within the
>scope of the same Library, it's defined in MSO97.dll.

>Question : How do I get my Delphi app (ver 3.0 pro) to hook into the
>defined in MSO97.dll ? As far as I can tell it is not an automation server
>as such so I'm assuming this must involve linking some sort of type library
>or something. I've tried that but possibly incorrectly.

>Is there maybey some other Automation server I can hook into that is
>specifically set up to access documents ?

>Any help with this will be greatly appreciated

>Many thanks in advance

>Allan Strydom