The mysteries of DDE and Excel again!

Dear Mr. Hoffmeister and the rest of the repliers!,

thanks for the tip. I've downloaded the TExcel code and an example
program written on top of it. I'd like to do it myself though, and be
examining the TExcel code I've been succesful at setting up the DDE
connection to Excel and get the topics etcetera. So thanks for that!
(although I still do not see what I did wrong in the code I've posted to
the newsgroup!)

But now I seem to have trouble to read some cell's value, when I read
the topics and get the name of the active document and it's sheets. I
set the topic to something like this: 'Map1[Sheet1]' and the item to
request data from something like this 'R1C1', but I get nothing in
return (even though the cell's filled with data).

Can you please give me some advice?

Thanks in advance,

Omar Dekker.