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Industry-Leading RAD Tool Pushes the Productivity Envelope Again With
Revolutionary Multi-Tier Development Capabilities, Powerful Internet
Enhancements, Easy ActiveX Creation, and New Decision Support Tools

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. -- May 5, 1997 -- Borland International, Inc. today
announced Delphi 3 Client/Server Suite, a major new version of the
industry's high-productivity visual development tool for creating
high-performance business software applications. Delphi 3 contains over 50
new technologies, including support for Borland's new MIDAS Multi-tier
Distributed Application Services Suite, powerful Internet enhancements,
easy ActiveX control creation, and integrated decision support tools.
Borland is also shipping Delphi 3 Standard for beginning Windows
programmers and Delphi 3 Professional for experienced individual

"Global corporations like AIG, Enron, Ford Motor Company, Glaxo-Wellcome,
Lucent Technologies and NEC rely on Delphi Client/Server Suite for their
business-critical software applications," said Delbert W. Yocam, Borland's
chairman and chief executive officer.  "In just two years, Borland has sold
over 600,000 copies of Delphi worldwide. Delphi 3 is a new breed of visual
development tool for building distributed multi-tier applications.  It
delivers the highest levels of productivity and reliability to the
developer, the business and the Enterprise."

"With Delphi 3, we are able to fill all our customer's requirements for a
dynamic, scalable, industry-wide solution.  Delphi's scalable multi-tier
architecture and rapid application development toolset are helping us
redefine our architecture into a solution that exceeds our customer's
expectations," said Jim Scammahorn, systems expert at Berkley Information
Systems, a subsidiary of WR Berkley Corporation, a financial services
company specializing in the property-casualty insurance business.  "Delphi
3 is leading the charge in 21st century computing."

Delphi 3 Client/Server Suite is the highest-performance,
highest-productivity rapid application development tool for building
scalable Windows 95 and Windows NT client/server and distributed business
applications.  Delphi 3 Client/Server Suite is the first of Borland
products with support for MIDAS, making distributed application development
easier and more manageable for corporate Information Technology
organizations.  In addition, Delphi 3 includes over 15 new Wizards, easy
one-step ActiveX control creation and new BusinessInsight for codeless data
analysis and decision support. Borland has also added powerful new Internet
capabilities to Delphi for building and deploying advanced Web-enabled
applications and Webserver extensions.

MIDAS Multi-Tier Development

With Delphi 3 Client/Server Suite and Borland's new MIDAS Suite,
corporations can streamline today's client/server systems by centralizing
business rules and data access on a middle-tier, Windows NT application
server.  A collection of advanced middleware brokers, MIDAS delivers 24x7
reliability, optimized network performance, and a thin-client architecture
for easier application maintenance, distribution and configuration.  MIDAS
is also upward-compatible with Borland's Entera cross-platform intelligent
middleware for larger-scale, higher-transaction and heterogeneous
Enterprise systems.

"Developing, maintaining, and deploying distributed software applications
has been a significant problem for the computing industry," said Louis
Kleiman, manager for Financial Dynamics, an application development
consulting and training firm based in Washington, DC.  "MIDAS and Delphi 3
Client/Server Suite address our customers' needs for easier maintenance,
configuration, and access to existing systems."

The MIDAS Suite consists of:

*The Business ObjectBroker -- for dynamic load balancing and fail-over
safety in a multi-tier, business-critical application environment.
*The Remote DataBroker -- reduces configuration and distribution costs of
thin-client database applications.
*The ConstraintBroker -- enforces data validation and reduces network
traffic by codelessly propagating database integrity rules from the server
to the client.

For a more detailed description of MIDAS and how it integrates with Delphi
3, please refer to the press release, diagram and whitepapers located at .

New Insight Technologies for Maximum Productivity and Ease-of-Use

Delphi 3 gives corporations an Insight into their business and into their
development process.  Designed to help developers be more productive and
focused on the business problems they are solving, ActiveInsight,
BusinessInsight, and CodeInsight are new technologies for one-step ActiveX
control creation, decision support, and automated programming assistance.

"The increased productivity gains in Delphi 3 benefit an individual
developer as well as the entire organization," said John Adams, senior
consultant for Arthur Andersen's Advanced Technology Group.  "The new
Insight technologies have transformed the way I develop applications -- for
both my own individual projects and for the Enterprise needs of our

ActiveInsight -- Component creation for maximum reuse
Only Delphi 3 allows developers to easily build high-performance,
native-code ActiveX components that do not require separate runtime files.
With Delphi 3, users can visually create ActiveX forms and controls from
scratch, or turn any existing Delphi or Borland C++Builder VCL component
into an ActiveX.  Corporations can now use Delphi 3 to rapidly create
ActiveXs that can be re-used in all of their development tools, including
C++, Java, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, PowerBuilder and Borland

BusinessInsight -- Turns data into information for better decision making
With Delphi 3 Client/Server Suite, Borland integrates new data
visualization tools for easily analyzing, reporting and presenting
corporate data:

*DecisionCube and DecisionGrid for multi-dimensional analysis of data.
*QuickReports 2.0 to easily create, preview and print over ten types of
customized reports, including columnar, report-in-report, composite,
master-detail, and over 130 different mailing label reports.
*TeeChart turns corporate data into visual information, with over 11
different graphs and charts for better decision making.

CodeInsight -- Flexible coding Wizards for programming ease-of-use
Delphi 3 provides a rich and comprehensive set of coding Wizards to help
new and experienced developers create robust applications:
        *CodeTemplates Wizard for simplified code creation.
        *CodeCompletion Wizard to help ensure proper syntax.
*CodeParameter Wizard for displaying parameter lists of procedures,
functions, methods and events.
        *CodeFind Wizard for finding and navigating through all Delphi source
        *ToolTip Expression Evaluation for quicker and easier debugging.
        *DLL Debugging saves time in creating and debugging advanced applications.

High-Speed Web-Enabled Client/Server Applications

Delphi developers can now create high-speed, high-throughput Internet
database applications using their existing client/server knowledge.  The
product's open architecture enables them to quickly build web server
applications that support major Internet standards such as ISAPI, NSAPI,
ActiveX, HTML, WinCGI and CGI.  In addition, Delphi 3's new Web Deployment
feature can deliver complete client/server applications as thin-client
ActiveX forms over the Web, reducing companies' software configuration and
distribution costs.

Other New Features in Delphi 3

Delphi 3 Client/Server Suite also includes the following enhancements for
high-performance database connectivity and visual development:

*New native database drivers for Informix, DB2, MS Access, and MS FoxPro.
*Updated native high-speed SQL Links drivers for Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL
Server, and Borland InterBase.
*Local and four-user InterBase NT to develop and test multi-user SQL
*Enhanced SQL Database Explorer to visually manage server-specific
*Enhanced SQL Monitor to assist testing, debugging and performance tuning.
*Multiple database engine support for easy access to any database system.
*Packages -- advanced compiler technology for building small executables.
*Over 130 components for building powerful database applications.

"Borland is achieving the goal of interoperable tools with the release of
Delphi 3," said Claude Vignali, manager of tools development at Ericsson
Inc., a world leader in the Telecommunications industry.  "We have been
using both Borland C++Builder and Delphi 3, and have found they give us the
power and options needed to develop the complex applications that our
business needs."

All of Borland's scalable development tools -- Delphi, C++Builder,
IntraBuilder and JBuilder share many common elements, including a common
RAD Workbench environment, compiler technology, reusable components,
database engine and powerful SQL tools.  For more information on this
interoperable family of tools, please refer to

What Features are in the Different Versions of Delphi 3?

All of the features described above are included in Delphi 3 Client/Server
Suite.  A detailed matrix of features included in the Standard and
Professional versions of Delphi 3 is located at .

Delphi 3 Pricing and Availability

Delphi 3 Client/Server Suite, Delphi 3 Professional, and Delphi 3 Standard
are available now from Borland and major software distribution channels.
Owners of U.S. Delphi maintenance contracts and U.S. Borland Connections
program members have already been shipped their copies.

Delphi 3 Client/Server Suite has an estimated street price (ESP) of $1,999
for new users.  Delphi 3 Professional has a new-user ESP of $799 and Delphi
3 Standard has a new-user ESP of $99.95.  Current owners of Delphi can
purchase Delphi 3 Professional for an ESP of $249.95, with Borland rebate.
Owners of competitive products can purchase Delphi 3 Professional for an
ESP of $299.95.  Pricing for MIDAS is extra.

For more information and to place orders, customers can call Borland at
1-800-233-2444.  These prices are in US dollars and apply only in the
United States and Canada.  International customers should contact their
local Borland office, distributor or representative.

Borland: Making Development Easier

Borland International, Inc. (NASDAQ:BORL) is a leading provider of
high-quality software products for software application developers
worldwide.  Borland is distinguished for its award-winning family of rapid
application development tools and scalable middleware technology for
desktop, client/server, Internet/intranet, and enterprise systems.  The
Company's products are supported through comprehensive corporate and
independent developer programs, value added resellers, and systems
integrators.  Founded in 1983, Borland is headquartered in Scotts Valley,
California.  For more information on Borland, customers can visit Borland
Online at .


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