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Proxy with TIdMappedPortTCP

I was just trying the Proxydemo that came with INDY, but i got stuck very
I'm not a professional programmer, so i didn't find out how i could handle
the problem that i could only reach the host which is adressed in
MappedHost. May it work if i run a DNS services on the same machine where
the  proxy runs and then assign the MappedHost to this machine ?

Thanks for your help



Re:Proxy with TIdMappedPortTCP

I just built a little app with that component.  It was pretty

DNS on the same machine shouldn't cause any problems.  Realise that DNS uses
UDP not TCP if you're trying to map DNS traffic.


Re:Proxy with TIdMappedPortTCP


I built to a proxy too, with some client validation, like a Cern
Proxy, it's
very nice, now I trying to extend a proxy to Socks 4 / Socks 5, but
I'm not having success.

I think there aren't problem to run DNS and proxy at same machine, a
lot of machines at web run FireWall, DNS and proxy.


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