Activating Help pop-ups with the RMB

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> I have developed a help file for my D5 application using Help&Manual.
> I can access pop-up topics using the F1 key, but I also want to be
> able to right click on a button or other control and automatically go
> to the appropriate pop-up topic.  How do I do this?

You can call Application.helpContext with the clicked controls
helpcontext, e.g. in a handler for OnContextPopup.

> Also, I want to do the same for Tlabels, but these have no HelpContext
> property.  Any ideas how I can get around this? Right now I am
> capturing a RMB click and loading an RTF file into a RichEdit
> component, but I would prefer to incorporate these files into the
> Window's help file.

Again use Application.HelpContext or .HelpJump. You just have to devise
your own mapping of labels to help topics.

Peter Below (TeamB)
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