Delphi 5, Interbase 4 database and Quickreport 3.05

I am coming into a shop that is in great disarray.  Apparently, they
started development with one guy in Delphi 4 and eventually went on to
another programmer using Delphi 5.  I am wondering what the implications

are of going to Delphi 5 from an application that was developped in
Delphi 4.  When I first came in, the remaining programmer bounced
between Delphi 4 and Delphi 5 like there was no difference while working
on the code.  I followed suit, since the code compiled.  However, some
of the currency fields on one of the Query components was bringing in a
very tiny negative number.  When I looked in the database, the number
did not exist, it was just fine.  I decided to remove all the fields on
the component and re-add them on to see if that fixed the problem.  It
did not fix the problem, but when I bounced back to Delphi 4, suddenly
those field components had extra properties that Delphi 4 did not know
about.  That has made me very suspicious that I need to redo the Query
components to use Delphi 5.  Also, when I use the SQL explorer, the main

database has a type of INTRBASE4, is this OK or do I need to run some
kind of conversion on the database to bring it up to Interbase 5?


Anthony Watson