Printing DBase files within Delphi App

I'm having problems printing out reports from my Delphi 2.0
application.  I used DBase for Windows (*.dbf) files created using
Database Desktop.  Also I used ReportSmith 3.0 to create a Master-Detail
report and added a report component in my application to print it.

        The problem is that I get printer error messages like "Error
expanding memory stream".  I'm using an Epson Stylus II printer.  The
problem is unpredictable.  It will show up most of the times, but not
all the time.

        I've tried everything that the help files and manuals suggest as
far as (connecting to data sources) and how to (print from delphi)
topics but nothing is helping.

        Is anyone else having this type of problem?

        Is there any specail way to connect or configure a ReportSmith
report with Delphi to eliminate the memory problems?