QR Grouping - Urgent...

Martin Moore wrote:
> Hi folks, I need to produce a report which groups by Week For each week,
> then lists other data. Datasets/queries OK (have placed DBGrids on form to
> check), but not sure how to get the grouping working.

> TIA,

> MArtin.

1. do you have a field that has the week no. (sorted data on that)? I'd
suggest you do because you can not sort/order on weekday text...
If yes, add a group band and assign the expression to it. in that band
you may print the week day etc.. as header to be printed.
Then add a qrband and make the bandtype to be btgroupfooter. attach this
band to the qrgroup band via the footerband property
add detailband to the report and contents.
easy peasy..
hope this helps.

Sr. Software Developer
Perth, Australia.