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Finding Error From Address

I have an app that generates the error message: "Access
violation at address 004CA127 in module 'MYAPP.EXE'.  Read
of address FFFFFFFF".  It only does this at the client site;
I cannot reproduce it in my office.  How can I find out
where my source code corresponds to address 004CA127 ?  I've
tried using a 'detailed map' but my code doesn't seem to go
that high.  What else can I do to track down this bug in my

Steve Guidos


Re:Finding Error From Address

You can try 'Find Error' from the delphi ide but you will have to recompile the
vcl with debug info. To do this include the vcl on your compiler search path
and include debugging information, then recompile.

Failing that, get boundchecker for delphi and that will be able to tell you the
source module in which it's crashing


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