r u doing international/multi-language apps?

Is anyone using Delphi for applications that need to be
delivered in several languages?

If so, can you give a high level overview of your approach?

We've got history with Unix/Motif doing this(in 5 languages)
but have no experience in the Windows world.  We use one code
base for all the language products.  Only resource and message
files change for various countries.

One of my biggest concerns is that there does not SEEM(I' new to
Delphi AND
Windows) to be no way to attach 'widgets' to other 'widgets' and
to have buttons auto resize when a label changes length at
run time.  I don't want to start creating a bunch of new classes
that could do such things if you guys have some good ideas.

We are experimenting with Windows NT.  For this first project
I'm lucky in that the product will go to U.S. customers only
so I don't have to solve this problem soon.  However, a future
version of the package I'm working on will go outside the U.S.
(just like the rest of our Unix/Motif programs).  If I can lay
the proper ground work for internationalization now it will make
my work later much easier.

Thanks to all...