CHART FX Component

CHART FX Component

Hallo This is the help for Chart FX component. The problem is the rotation
of 3d along x and y axis.

HOW TO CONVERT/USE  LONGINT for x, y values?
Any help ?

Thanks in advance.


Angles3D Property. Chart FX Component


A Long value that sets or returns the angles used to draw the chart in
3DView mode. The X-angle is in the low word and the Y-angle is in the high
word. The default value is 0,0.

Borland Delphi

[Tform.] Chart1.Angles3D [ := setting& ];


This property is only used when drawing the chart in 3DView mode (when
View3D Property is set to TRUE).
This function is provided to the end user through the rotation dialog.
At design time the programmer can use the ViewRot3D Property to set the
initial values for these angles.

Data Type


Design Time