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Random Access Violation

    Hi everyone!!

    We (our company) have one software designed in Delphi 5 installed in a
customer, who have his Bde updated (v. 5.2), Sql updated (v. 2000) , (both
by Service Pack) , system version updated and randomily we have experienced
messages of 'Acess Violations' and shutdowns of the system.

   We already replace the computer, here in our office works pretty well,
and we just dont know wath to do anymore.

    Just in case of someone here in the news also experienced that problem
in the past and solved it, we would like to get some info.




Re:Random Access Violation

"mARCELO" <> wrote in message news:3d33305c_2@dnews...

<<randomily we have experienced

> messages of 'Acess Violations' and shutdowns of the system.

AVs are caused by referencing things that has already been freed or vice
versa (referring to things that haven't been created yet) in code. IOW,
there are bugs in your program.

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