Db Connection error "Invalid Parameter"

I did some experimentation by creating small application and finally I found
the cause of this error message.
It is actually the DatabaseName I assigned. This should not exceed 30
I hope this can help others.

Alexander B. Deyto <alexanderbde...@hotmail.com> wrote in message

> I have an application server that connects to different databases in
> for some database it can connect, however, for some other it can't. I use
> the same routine or method for this and the only different are the content
> of the properties which I may say are all correct. For some reason I don't
> know what's seems to be the problem. Anyway, on the application server's
> RDM, it doesn't have a TSession component, Params.Text's value is
> correct, HandleShared is False, SessionName is blank, LoginPrompt is
> DriverName is MSSQL.

> What do you think is the problem?