Access 2000 to SQL 2000

I am very new to SQL 2000. I want to creat view in SQL 2000 based on
Access 2000 query. The following is one of my Access 2000 columns:
User Fees: Sum(IIf(([payment date]=200101 Or [payment date]=200102 Or
[payment date]=200103 Or [payment date]=200104 Or [payment
date]=200105 Or [payment date]=200106 Or [payment date]=200107 Or
[payment date]=200108 Or [payment date]=200109),[Total
paymt/Adjustmt]*0.00048,IIf([payment date]=200110,[total
paymt/adjustmt]*0.00121,IIf(([payment date]=200201 Or [payment
date]=200202 Or [payment date]=200203 Or [payment date]=200204 Or
[payment date]=200205 Or [payment date]=200206 Or [payment
date]=200207 Or [payment date]=200208),[Total
paymt/Adjustmt]*0.00055,IIf([payment date]=200209,[total

Please help me to creat in SQL2000 view.