Problem with TSessions...


I am having a problem using sessions in a Delphi application. Any help would
be greatly appreciated...

I have a data module with two TDatabase components both connecting to the
same interbase database alias set up in database desktop. Each database has a
session associated with it and there are two queries, each associated with a
different session. ie  database1,session1,query1 and

Now the problem comes in when I do an insert into a table called RAW with
query1 and then I do a query on the data in that table with query2, I get
different results to what I know is in the database. If I check with Borlands
DBExplorer I can see the correct data, but query2 cannot.

I am using transactions around each insert and caching is off. What am I doing

I tried using a TTable compnent and I have the same problem unless the
session for the table is the same as the session for the query that inserted
the data I cannot get a proper result set.

Help me please before I go mad!! Pleaase email replies as my news is
notoriously finiky.



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email brussel at global dot co dot za

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