Quickreport Loading&Saving reports

Hello all!

Could anyone tell me how to get quickreport to load it's own files?

For example, I save a report with:


I expected to be able to load this report again with:


but this returns an acces violation wich I can't debug since I don't have
the code from quickreport.

I have searched the help-files, the knoledge base, deja and the quickreport
website but it seems I am the only one having this problem, so I must be
doing something wrong..

I am using Quickreport 3 and Delphi 5 on a Win2k machine.

(already tried setting the temp dir to a shorter dirname, but did not work)

The reports I'm trying to load are valid since quickreport will load them in
any given preview windows..


Henri Zikken