How to access ASCII tables?

Hello all!

I am having trouble accessing test files as an ASCII table
from a Delphi form.  I read the asciidrv.txt file and set up a
schema file for the text file.  From a TTable component, I specify
the file name and set it up as an ASCII table type.  When I make
the component active, it comes up with an error message like:  "Cannot
locate object".  I change the table tyoe to Paradox, and it is
able to successfully access the file with the error message: "Corrupt
file header" (or some message like this).  

I can successfully access this file from ReportSmith.  Evidently,
ReportSmith uses an ODBC RS_Text driver to do this.  I tried using
this technique in my Delphi application by setting up a BDE alias
which specified this type of ODBC driver.  Now the access works,
but a username/password dialog box comes up (which did not happen
in ReportSmith).  Any ideas on how to make this work?  

I would like to make it work without the dialog box, and preferably
by just setting the table type to ASCII and not using a BDE alias.
The doscumentation with Delphi implies this is possible.