Wanted: big databases that are corrupted in interesting ways

We are seeking people, world-wide, who have Paradox/BDE databases that
are large, and/or heavily indexed, that are corrupt.  We'd like
specimens from Paradox 3.5 to present.

If "Tutility takes much too long," or better yet it does not work, then
we want to hear from you.  We think we have methodologies that are not
only better, but a whole-lot better than this.

We do -not- want copies of these databases, and we do -not- want you to
send us anything.  We want you to participate in test programs whereby
you would run testbed-programs that we would provide, and send us the
results.  All of the testbed-programs that we would run use ONLY
EXCLUSIVE, READ-ONLY ACCESS to the files in question, do not compromise
security in any way, and provide information that you can see for
yourself is purely technical in nature.  Both 16- and 32-bit sites are
invited to respond.  (Sorry, Windows only.)

If you are interested, please e-mail 'be...@sundialservices.com' and
describe your situation, by June 26th.

-Mike Robinson