New Table pointer and/or copying a tables data

Hi all brave girls and boys out there,

I have got a little (big) problem - It's maybe my own fault but I can't get any
bether ideas.

I have a (some) TTable(s) where the properties are set to one database, and for
all fields in the database, there are created fields with display labels etc. I
also have some calculated fields.

My problem is that I don't want to (during design time) to create a new table
with the information, because my (MDI)form can be used with different tables
during runtime.
Also do I need my creations of Tables not to have the same "pointer" to the
database, so I can show more than one record at the time.

I have been looking for a
Table.Assign_All_Fields_And_Properties_To_Another_Table_Function. What I'm
doing right now is to create/open a new Table component, and then copy the most
important informations from one table to the other, but when I come to
calculated fields I'm stuckt!

Q1 : Does any body know an easy way to copy a tables properties/fields to
another table?

Q2 : Is it possible to have multible "dbi-pointers" in a Table?

Q3 : How do I create a Calculated field during runtime (and especially) connect
it to a Table.

Thanks for all the nice answers and suggestions you can come up with, I'm
starting to get desperate!

And if you would mail me directly also...

  Martin Djernaes <>